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Beware! Many of the spot cleaners designed for carpets that you find in a grocery or hardware store can damage your carpet. These products often contain color lighteners, which are designed to lighten the dark spots. The problem is that they can also take the color out of some carpets, often showing up as a yellow or orange stain on a white carpet, or a lighter area in colored carpets. Because the original color has actually been removed by the spotter, professional cleaning will not get rid of the lighter spot.

To avoid this problem, Kidds Quality Cleaning began giving our customers a spot cleaner that is safe for all carpets. If you do not have one of our spotters already, our technician will give you a bottle the next time we perform a cleaning for you.

To keep you on the right track, we will refill your spotter bottle without charge each time we come out to clean. We want to help you keep your carpet looking beautiful! Call 239-261-6660 to schedule your next cleaning or refill your carpet-safe spot cleaner today. 

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This information is given for those who want to try to remove spots on their own. Some people prefer not to attempt to clean spots on their own. In that case, we are happy to come out and remove them for you.
To avoid damaging your carpet, follow the instructions below exactly. Do not use these procedures on upholstered furniture, where spot cleaning can cause permanent stains. You are better off leaving this for us to clean.

*Use a spoon or dull knife to remove solid materials.
*Blot up liquids with a clean white towel. Never rub, scrub, or use a brush; this can permanently damage carpet fibers.
*Work from the outside to the center with large spills.
*Apply all cleaning agents to a white towel, never directly to the carpet as this can damage the backing.
*Use the steps and solutions in the cleaning code in the order given until you no longer see improvement, then go on to the next step if the spot remains.
*Always use vinegar as the last step before rinsing. If you have used ammonia, even if the spot is already gone. Vinegar neutralizes the ammonia. It is not necessary to neutralize the vinegar.
*Rinse the last cleaning solution you use by either spraying with clear water (do not pour water on) and blotting with a dry white towel or by blotting with a clean, damp, white towel.
*Once you have removed all the visible stain, place a clean white towel on top of it and weight it with a heavy colorfast object such as a plastic wastebasket with a weight inside. Leave overnight. Replace with a new dry towel if it is not dry the next morning. Continue to replace the towel until it is almost dry. Gently brush the carpet pile with your hand to lift the tufts. Allow carpet to completely dry before walking on it.

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Wear rubber gloves, work in a well-ventilated area and never pour directly onto carpet, this can damage the backing.

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