Tile & Grout Cleaning

...like you've never seen it before!

Kidds Quality Cleaning is proud to present Tile and Grout Cleaning like you've never seen it before...

The Days of the Bucket and Scrub Brush are Over
Tile and grout cleaning used to involve long hours with a bucket and a scrub brush. For most companies it still does. But Kidds Quality Cleaning offers the finest, most powerful tile cleaning system available today. Our Hurricane Force Cleaning System uses the power of a truck mounted machine to pressure wash your tile with steam. The process makes absolutely no mess and can be done in a fraction of the time it takes you to do it by hand.

Hurricane Force Cleaning System
Here's how our system works. First we pre-spray grout lines with a specially formulated cleaner that removes tough soil without damaging tile or grout. Then we hook our special tile cleaning system to our powerful truck mounted (portable for high rises) machine and steam it clean. The steam cleaning process uses 190 degree water at up to 900 psi (high pressure) to literally blast out dirt. Rotating spray heads get every angle of the tile and grout, removing even embedded soil. Instantly, as the water is sprayed, it is vacuumed out to our truck along with all the dirt, grease, oils, pollutants, etc., from your tile and grout. The tile is left just slightly damp-drier than your mop leaves it.

Homeowners Swear It's the Best
This process is so good, that we've been able to restore grout that homeowners had given up on. Barbara Swift of Naples said her 12 year old tile looks "fantastic, we were ready to replace it. Our off white grout had turned dark grey, yuck. It looks beautiful now."

Grout Sealing
Kidds Quality Cleaning can seal your freshly cleaned grout. We can also seal new grout. Most installers don't provide this service, because the grout has to sit for a day or two before it's sealed. By then they have gone on to their next installation and don't want to return and seal. But believe us; it pays to have it sealed. Grout is porous, so it absorbs whatever you spill on it. Unsealed grout can become permanently stained just by normal use if it is not sealed. So protect your investment, and seal your new or freshly cleaned grout.

Free Samples
Kidds Quality Cleaning is so confident in our Hurricane Force cleaning system that we will give you a free, no obligation sample of our cleaning. You pick the spot, and we'll show you how our system can banish dingy dirt in minutes. Then you decide whether you want the rest done. It's risk free. If you decide not to restore the rest of your tile and grout, we'll part friends. If you do decide to have us clean, we'll clean it right on the spot. Our system is 10 times faster than old methods, so we'll be on our way in an hour or so for the average house. Give our office a call today to set up your free, no obligation tile and grout cleaning sample.